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I should plant my tomatoes soon... Part of the reason I haven't done it yet is that I'm not sure where I'll put them this year. Our landlady is reorganizing the backyard and right now a few cars are parked there, so it isn't a safe/healthy place to put tomatoes. As for the veggie bed I made last year on the side of the house, right now the trash cans are being stored in the back of the house and brought out on trash days alongside the house with the veggie bed (and since the path is very narrow you HAVE to drag them on the veggie bed... ) I hope at some point we will be able to bring them out by means of driveway, but right now there's always someone parked in the driveway. And on our porches there isn't enough sun for tomatoes... Not sure what to do about all this...
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it's so nice and warm out today... all I could think while walking to school was that my tomatoes could have been very happy, but alas, I have picked them up last week because I was afraid they will freeze... Oh well... Thought, as [profile] avacon  correctly pointed out, now I don't have to stress that the temperature will drop all of a sudden and they will go bad. :) Now they are safely stored in the paper bags and are slowly turning red....
I can say I'm overall satisfied with my whole tomatoes adventure. They taste very good too! :)
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I'm worried about my tomatoes. I'm reluctant to pick them up, since they're still green, but it's getting colder and colder and I'm afraid that they'll go bad on the plants if I don't pick them up on time. I started seeing nightmares about this.... Grrrr....


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