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I'm worried about my tomatoes. I'm reluctant to pick them up, since they're still green, but it's getting colder and colder and I'm afraid that they'll go bad on the plants if I don't pick them up on time. I started seeing nightmares about this.... Grrrr....
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I finally got unlame and started posting the pictures from our trip to Maine on the web... I finally posted pictures from our first day in Bar Harbor

Thank you, [profile] avacon, for a wonderful vacation....


Sep. 8th, 2006 12:46 pm
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I've submitted the paper for the conference proceedings yesterday. The deadline was last Thursday, and then they extended it till yesterday which was very sweet. Now I have piles of papers, copies of different versions of the manuscript and notes all over my 2 desks. I was thinking I should sort them out but it's such a big project, I don't know where to start...
On the separate note I want to promise never to use Axum again for making plots. Not sure if I can keep the promise, but the experience of the past 2 weeks made me hate this software more than anything else... It's old (1999) and has a horrible user interface. The plots at the end look pretty nice but I'm not sure it's worth the pain. One thing that made me really hate it was that I had to make the same plots 4 times in a row (starting from scratch each time) because for some reason they would just disappear without a trace from the graph after a few modifications I did.
I think I'm going to put make a more consistent set of notes on stuff that was in my paper... exciting...


Sep. 1st, 2006 05:42 pm
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I decided to post a few miscellaneous pictures online…

The collection includes:

- “snakes on the plane” banner (we were just talking so much about it lately that I couldn’t pass by it… or, I couldn’t let it pass by me, to more precise : ))

- beautifully parked L.'s car (see LJ post from yesterday)

- my beautiful tomatoes – today I discovered that they’re finally turning red - I'm very excited!

- lingonberry we saw while in Maine

- a couple of sings that I found amusing (also from Maine)

: )

Check them out :)


Aug. 31st, 2006 12:28 pm
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today i'm feeling very proud of myself - i managed to park my roommate's car from one side of our street to the other (we have a crazy cleaning in Somerville - they clean streets every week - one side every other Monday, the other side every other Friday). Not to mention that I'm not a very good driver, her car is a manual!!! And i needed to drive it around the block!!! At the first intersection I noticed that I forgot to put down the parking brake (that's why the "BRAKE" was blinking red right in front of my eyes...), at the second intersection I thought I wouldn't make the car move forward (I panicked because I realized I didn't even have a phone with me to call someone and cream for help, and being stuck in the middle of the road is no fun), after the third intersection I had to let 3 cars pass because the street is so narrow that only one car can move on it at a time, and I didn't trust myself enough to pass the cars that were not parked... And then I almost parked at the wrong side of the street! (that would be too funny, if I did). At the end, I managed to park the car along the curb and now it looks perfect!!! I think last time I drove manual a year ago...
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i have so much to do, I don't have energy to start... I need to finish the paper for the conference proceedings by tonight, because today is the deadline for submitting it, and it's almost done, I just need to push myself, but I simply feel so tired.I went to bed at 2.30 am, which isn't that great considering that I wanted to day-shift (since I just came from a vacation where we stayed in B&Bs so we kind of day-shifted... ).


Aug. 29th, 2006 12:45 pm
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I discovered I'm allergic to plums... the hard way.... I took a couple of big purple plums my roommate left before going to a conference and took them with me to work. After I ate the fist one I felt my throat was tickling, but I decided to ignore it... Stupid me... after the second one I almost started choking, my throat was expanding and at come point I felt it was about to close... I never had such a strong allergic reaction before... it was SCARY...
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Last night I was dreaming that I need to take my quals again because I failed the first time... Needless to say it was a nightmare... and as a "quality" nightmare it felt very real... in the dream I was planning the presentation on my research (part of the quals in our department) and thinking that I need to review all my courses, and panicking because I didn't have any time... Though later in the dream I managed to convince myself that I passed the quals already I still had this terrible feeling that I need to go through them again when I woke up... Where was all this coming from, I wonder...
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Today we're going to see the Taming of the Shrew with [profile] avacon and some other people (I'm not sure who else is going) in Boston Common. I can't say this play is my favorite of Shakespeare's, but hopefully it'll be ok. The weather is surprisingly nice - and the sky is absolutely beautiful. When it's so nice outside I don't understand why I have to be in the office....


Jul. 7th, 2006 06:17 pm
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The poster is printed out and is now safely rolled up in a tube. I think printing the poster is even more stressful than putting it together, because it would be really silly if you print something this big (and expensive) and then discover that something is wrong....
The trip to Copy Tech was a little stressful too. When you come there to print posters they're printing out a proof which is actually useful, as opposed to what I was trying to use as a proof by changing the size of the slide to A4 and printing it out on an ordinary printer - half of the elements get blown out of proportion...The proof that they print at Copy Tech though is the scaled reduced version of the actual poster and thus is actually helpful. So... after the first proof I thought I'll have to go back to the office and change the colors on the plots because all the curves on the plots that were originally red and maroon looked indistinguishable. I almost completely freaked out because there was no time to go and change everything and I felt really stupid that I didn't see it before. Then the nice guy at the Copy Tech printed the second proof on a different and apparently more crappy printer and the colors actually turned out better, so I just decided to print it as it was and see what happens... (This didn't particularly make sense because the bog printer for posters was much better than the crappy printer that produced a better - color-wise - proof, but...)
I went swimming and tried not to think what will happen if the poster would turn out with all the colors screwed up...  Finally I  picked up the poster and yay!!! - it was alright! 
Now I can forget about it for a few days (I just have not to forget to bring it to the conference :) ).
So much for the stressing about poster-making... maybe next time I should give a talk instead.


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